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Friday, 3 May 2013

Eoin McMorrow Blog

   Growing up I have always had an interest in art, I spent alot of time drawing and painting. After leaving school I began an apprenticeship as an electrician, I qualified in 2006 and in 2009 I decided to persue a career in the creative industries. I began by enroling on a portfolio preperation course where I became increasingly interested in sculpture and other three dimentional work. This lead on to applying for an honours degree course in model making, design and digital effects at IADT in Dublin. I began this course in 2010 and am currently reaching the end of my 3rd year. Throughout my time in college i have found that my previous work in the construction industry has helped me to look at things from a technical point of view and make considerations during the design process. I have also gained experience in working with a large selection of materials such as light weight foams for use in large scale sculpting, poly urataine resins for casting and silicone and latex for both casting and mould making. My preference is in sculpting using oil based clays but i enjoy all aspects of the model making industry.

        Baroque themed chess set
                    Street theatre costume + stop motion jester puppet
                     Orc mask sculpt                                                                   

                    Latex orc mask

                    Orc maquette

Old age prostetic